• Founded Date January 1, 1900
  • Sectors Agriculture/Dairy/Forestry/Fishing
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Company Description

Unisun agro private ltd provides a wide range of biological remedies to the agricultural challenges faced by the framers. We are keen on resolving the farm-oriented issues with a creative outlook without destroying nature. We have many products related to plant nutrition management and they help in maintaining the quality of the soil without any degradation. We are proud to provide various products to improve plant growth and health. We provide our products with a hundred percent efficiency in attaining the results.

We have a lot of professionals accompanying is in the process of manufacturing our agro products. Agronomists and specialists in natural farming help us to bring a product without any contamination or chemical substances. We have extensive lab facilities to track down the manufacturing quality of these products. We have a global operation in exporting bio-fertilizers to various countries. We are highly responsible for producing a bio-fertilizer that leads to food production without any chemical residues and developing the plant species with more immunity towards the diseases affecting them.